"With the productivity improvements taking place in today’s business world, many middle market companies are finding it more difficult to maintain their competitive edge; often leading to liquidity constraints."

"Therefore, our engagements begin with a thorough assessment of a company’s abilities and resourcefulness for maintaining and enhancing their competitive position."

"Then, we help re-invigorate a Company's competitive advantage by developing a focused business plan and strategy that enhances cash flow to support growth and development while reducing dependence on debt."   

"We refer to this enrichment process as cash flow bootstrappingÓ ."

                        - Lance Wimmer, Founder & Managing Director

Four types of companies form the nucleus of our engagements:

Successful companies in a highly competitive environment where each fraction of a share point makes a significant impact on the profit & loss statement 

Growth Oriented organizations who believe their financial, marketing and operational strengths are not being fully leveraged to achieve their maximum potential 

Mature, Stagnating companies who believe their capabilities may be extended to reach new markets, yet do not possess the resources or knowledge base to achieve this objective 

Financially Challenged companies needing to engage a top-flight, experienced executive to assess the environment and take the necessary steps to restore financial stability and achieve the client company's “entitlement”

Wimmer Associates works with management to diagnose and focus on the most critical issues and establishes specific operations, marketing and financial objectives.  Then, applying comprehensive analytical methods, WA defines practical strategic options that incorporate detailed work steps, performance criteria and milestones to achieve those objectives.